Madrid, December 3, 2020.- The VOX senators, Jacobo González-Robatto, José Manuel Marín and Yolanda Merelo, have sent a letter to the Senate Board in which they request the authorization of the month of January for the celebration of extraordinary plenary sessions. The VOX representatives argue that the Chamber cannot allow itself a period without plenary activity "while all Spaniards await the decisions to be taken to channel and overcome this serious crisis."

To date, the Senate has 1,245 cases pending to process, since the sanitary measures imposed, at first, the inactivity of the Senate and later decreased, which has generated this delay in the initiatives and proposals of all political parties.

"The Senate as an institution representing all Spaniards, and we as senators, must set an example and be the first to strive to offer our best performance to achieve improvements in the situation we are facing," explain the three senators from VOX.

They also argue, in their writing, that, just as "we verify the daily effort of so many Spaniards to face this situation", the Senate should try to "promote the necessary improvements for the common good and for this to increase performance and activity".

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