The Municipal VOX group in the Granada City Council has requested that the collection of the fee of 510 euros for change of use of activity be canceled to those pubs that want to convert their businesses into hospitality establishments, to give them the opportunity to continue open while restrictions on nightlife continue as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beatriz Sánchez Agustino, councilor of the Municipal Group in Granada, has registered a request for the October Ordinary Plenary in which she requests “the return of fees to those establishments that want to change their use and have already paid them, in the same way as We have asked for the ongoing procedures for the collection of this fee to be annulled ”since VOX is against any 'socialist economic policy' established in the Granada City Council.

The councilor of VOX in Granada has specified that this measure would benefit "retroactively" the establishments that paid in their day for a license that "they will not be able to make profitable" because circumstances force them to close, as happens to 'special' hospitality establishments with music -pubs-, but "they can subsist with a bar license without music that serve food and drink, provided they meet all the requirements."

“The establishments called 'specials with music' that are exclusively dedicated to the sale of drinks -pubs- are not authorized to open, hence some have chosen to convert their premises into those with a 'non-special' license such as bars, cafes and restaurants. Those interested must present a responsible declaration to start the activity, having to pay a fee of 510 euros, in accordance with the Tax Ordinances of this City Council, something that we understand as abusive because they already paid a fee in their day that they cannot make profitable and now they must pay another, hence our request.

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