Late in the afternoon yesterday, from the Presidency of the City a note was published indicating a series of measures that are requested to stop the expansion of the coronavirus in Melilla. Among other measures, a new home confinement, the suspension of classes in schools and the request to the state for medical reinforcements is announced. This is in addition to the perimeter confinement, the curfew between ten at night and six in the morning and the total closure of the hotel business.

Due to a disastrous management of the pandemic crisis, our country is among the nations in the world with the worst medical and economic data and within Spain, Melilla is the city with the most infections per inhabitant. The measures have been taken late and very bad.

Vox advocated from the first moment the massive realization of PRC tests, the isolation of the sick (especially protecting the most vulnerable such as the elderly and people with pathologies) and controls in ports and airports. Instead, measures were imposed with a lot of economic impact and no or very little effectiveness against contagions: total closure of the hotel industry (instead of promoting distancing), reduction of opening hours in general stores (customers have to meet on less hours), etc.

In the current situation, with Melilla leading the world in infections and with deaths on a daily basis, Vox urgently requests:

  • The sanitary reinforcement of our City. This includes not only field hospitals and the hospital ship, but also the health personnel to attend to these emergency facilities and the necessary to reinforce the Regional Hospital and the Health Centers.

  • The presence of members of the Military Emergency Unit -UME- for support and surveillance.

  • Provide the Security Forces and Bodies with sufficient and effective protection material so that they can carry out their work in these highly committed moments with total efficiency and safety.

  • That the economic aid reaches immediately and in the necessary amount to the families, workers, self-employed and entrepreneurs whose activities are suffering the ravages of the pandemic.

  • That the Government be requested to declare a catastrophic area (we are the area of ​​Spain with the worst data) in order to arbitrate the special aid measures to alleviate the economic damage caused.

  • The distribution to families in need of school supplies that allow students to follow classes online.

  • Organize an efficient and safe system for the distribution of food and basic necessities to families and people who cannot leave their homes.

  • Establish and comply with a special plan of attention to immigrants and those present in our City to avoid contagions, that those that occur are detected early and that they are confined like the rest of the citizens.

  • That a long-term epidemiological follow-up plan be prepared for patients with covid-19, to know, evaluate and treat the possible side effects that may affect them.

Vox Melilla wishes to express its deepest condolences to the families of the increasingly numerous victims of this pandemic.

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