VOX in Aragon proposes to urge the Government of the Nation to guarantee freedom of opinion, information and thought. The Parliamentary Group has registered a PnL on defense of freedom of expression.

In it, VOX proposes that the Cortes of Aragon show their rejection of attempts by the National Government to create methods or bodies with the capacity to influence Public Opinion. Or censor opinions and content on social networks and the media. And make a perverse use of the Legal System and public institutions.

Freedom of expression and social media

VOX in Aragón defends that freedom of expression and information is one of the fundamental and necessary principles for a society to be called democratic. “It is a key piece of the rights that citizens have to act as a counterweight to power and its rulers. And it is the fundamental basis for the necessary exchange of ideas, opinions and information that make up the fundamental public debate ”, recalls the spokesperson for VOX in Aragon, Santiago Morón. In particular, to guarantee a free and plural public opinion. That allows the coexistence and political participation of citizens.

The appearance of social networks has meant a paradigm shift in the right to freedom of expression and information, recognizes Santiago Morón. “At present, anyone can express opinions and report. And in turn, we can all choose freely and from a greater variety of opinions and informants. This contributes to the democratization of the right of expression and information. And new horizons are broadened in the necessary and legitimate exchange of ideas and opinions ”.

As Morón points out, “these new platforms escape political control. And they have supposed that people, parties and organizations that would like to impose a single current of opinion and thought, see them as a threat ”.

From different institutions, VOX alerts, they have been working for a long time to control and verify opinions and information that are beyond political control. The rise in fake news is alleged. But it is ignored that in the Legal System there are already mechanisms for the detection and punishment of those who violate the general interest and the common good.

The response to the threats that democratic societies face must always be more freedom and less control by those who exercise power. “Pretending to establish an Orwellian Ministry of Truth in democratic Spain would only be justified under the government's desire to perpetuate itself. And of exercising an abuse of power that is intolerable and incompatible with democracy ”, concludes the spokesperson for VOX in Aragon.

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