The Parliamentary Group Vox Valencian Community has registered a Proposal No of Law (PNL) in which it requests to the Consell protection of the primary sector and of the Spanish agri-food production and of the Valencian Community.
The Agriculture Spokesperson, Jose Luis Aguirre, has asked for a serious follow-up and
independent by the Department of Agriculture of the impact of imports of
third countries in the market and ensures that "our food sovereignty cannot be in the hands
from other countries".
At the same time, it denounces that the public powers cannot make a resignation of functions, if not
what "must adopt the necessary measures to protect the agri-food product and
Spanish and European fruit and vegetable, which is of high quality and respectful of the environment, and
thus defend our farmers who have proven to be an essential pillar worthy of the greatest
For this reason, Aguirre also requests the Ministry of Agriculture to become involved in promoting the
consumption of local products through campaigns that promote products
autochthonous. "We can see that the free agreements signed by the European Union with
South Africa, Morocco, Brazil, Argentina or Uruguay are hurting the Spanish primary sector
for not playing under the same salary conditions as Europeans ”.
Along the same lines, the agriculture spokesperson claims that Spanish farmers are
ruining and end up abandoning their fields because "market liberalization with the
EU does not benefit local family farming, if not to large hedge funds and
global agri-food companies that, attracted by these advantages, have acquired large
land areas in all these non-EU countries ”.
The spokesperson for the VOX parliamentary group in the Valencian Parliament, Ana Vega, has stated that
“While the entry of agricultural products is allowed by treaties with third countries
Like South Africa, our farmers go bankrupt, unable to compete on an equal footing
conditions, since the costs in those countries are much lower than the costs they have to bear
Valencian farmers. The Department has the obligation to promote the consumption of products
of proximity that are of better quality and comply with all health requirements”.
Vox has requested to urge the Government to apply sanitary controls at the border that
ensure that the imported product is free of pathogens and pests. Also, require that
inform the consumer of the substances prohibited by the European Union and that third countries are
using to lower production costs.
José Luis Aguirre also considers it necessary for the European Commission to review “urgently the
Free trade agreements to remove agricultural products that are shown to be
being harmed by imports from those third countries ". While they renegotiate
said international agreements, also urges the Government to promote compensation, for
the damages caused to the Spanish and European production, with funds from the CAP.

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