VOX has asked the Government of Sánchez why the contagion by coronavirus was hidden from a National Police agent in Ceuta after learning, through the complaint of the Staff Board of the General State Administration, this situation. And it is that, apparently, at the police station it was not reported that one of the policemen had tested positive for Covid-19. After the complaint, according to the VOX deputy for Ceuta, Teresa López, from the Personnel Board they contacted the Government Delegation, as well as the General Directorate of the Police and the Ministry of Health to urge that they adopt measures to avoid similar situations.

"The attitude that the institutions and agencies dependent on the State are showing with respect to the management of those infected and outbreaks shows a total laziness and little empathy towards the agents of the National Police who fight for our freedoms and rights ”, adds VOX. For this reason, the training questions the national Executive to find out if there have been more situations such as the one that happened in Ceuta in other police stations or in Civil Guard barracks.

Also, the training requires knowing "how many diagnostic tests for Covid-19 have been performed on the close contacts of the agent whose result had been hidden." And finally, it asks the Government to explain whether disinfection or close contact tracing of the agent who tested positive has been carried out. Meanwhile, this Monday Jupol denounces through the media how "the lack of measures" that there is in the National Police against Covid-19. In addition, the union warns that "it represents a serious risk for the police and citizens who access the different police stations in Ceuta."

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