The VOX Asturias Parliamentary Group has initiated legal actions against the actions of the president of the Asturian Chamber, Marcelino Marcos Líndez, after the expulsion of the VOX spokesperson, Ignacio Blanco, in the plenary session on Wednesday, November 11. The deputies of the Parliamentary Group have presented this morning at the General Meeting of the Principality the request to declare said plenary session null due to violation of the fundamental rights contained in article 23.2 of the EC that recognizes the right to political participation of a public office, by the incorrect application of articles 95, 132 and 133.3 of the Regulations of the General Meeting of the Principality of Asturias.
Fundamental right that the president of the chamber violated by preventing the right to voice and vote in the plenary session of the VOX spokesperson, which means arbitrarily preventing the exercise of powers that are part of the representative function. “The petition for the nullity of the plenary session is not an attack on the institution, it is the opportunity we give the President of the Chamber to recognize an error, to be at the level of the institution he represents and return to the position that holds the image of impartiality that has lost ”, says the spokesman.
The document, which consists of nine pages, lists the breaches of the President of the General Meeting of the Principality who, among others, violated the Rules of Procedure of the Chamber in its article 95 by not responding to the request for protection. Petition by which the president of the Chamber "when the allusion affects the decorum or dignity of a Parliamentary Group, may grant the deputy to speak." However, Marcos Líndez did not allow the VOX spokesperson to speak at any time, nor did he respond to his plea for the offenses against VOX and against the thousands of Asturians that this party represents in Asturias to be withdrawn. "It seems that the president of the Board considers that maintaining order in parliament is putting a muzzle on all those parliamentarians who ask to speak when they insult us," says the spokesman.
The president of the Asturian Parliament violated articles 132.a] and 133.3 of the Regulations of the General Meeting of the Principality for not calling a deputy to order when he utters insults or offenses against the decorum of the chamber or its members and not the offended. As the regulation also obliges him to remove the offenses from the journal of sessions, without the need for anyone to ask.
"Our parliamentary group has decided to file legal actions in the face of the breach of the President of the Chamber of the regulations of the Board and of the functions and competences that the position confers on him," says the spokesman at a press conference, adding that, "in accordance with From the antecedents, VOX Asturias does not trust that the president himself will recognize his lack of impartiality, so if he does not retract, the ordinary path that the legal route started today follows is, as the next step, to transfer our petition to the Constitutional Court. The President of the Board has not lived up to the position he occupies. If you do not know the regulation, it is very serious, and if you knew it, and did not apply it, it is also very serious. In this sense, Ignacio Blanco recalls that it is not the first time that insults have been uttered against the VOX deputies without a response from the president of the JGPA.
Likewise, the deputies of VOX Asturias, have publicly thanked the explicit support received from the PP, Citizens and Forum in the face of the "defenselessness" of the spokesperson after the expulsion of the plenary session last Wednesday, November 11, by the Chairman of the Board General of the Principality in a violation of the Regulation of the Chamber itself. In fact, Ignacio Blanco has announced that the legal services of VOX Asturias are working on opening new avenues to “condemn” the actions of Marcos Líndez.

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