The VOX spokesperson in the General Meeting of the Principality, Ignacio Blanco, after listening to the demands of the management team of the Integrated Professional Training Center of Avilés (CIFP) during the meeting held with those responsible at the center, has complained to the Ministry of Education an "urgent" solution to the lack of space that has required more than a decade. During the meeting, in which the spokesperson accompanied by the councilors of VOX Avilés, Arancha Martínez and Gerardo González, visited the facilities, checked the available space in the center and learned first-hand about the CIFP problem.
“From VOX Asturias we consider that an investment in new spaces in the CIFP is urgent if we want there to be a future for Vocational Training in Avilés, since the new professional training law and the specialties that are contemplated will not be able to adapt to the facilities current that, as they transferred us from the center, currently has 1,700 students ".
In the opinion of the spokesperson, among other deficiencies pointed out by the management, we have verified that "the buildings for vehicles are not suitable for the current elevators, there is a lack of access to the computer area for people with functional diversity despite the fact that there are enough spaces to be able to expand the spaces. It is a building from the 60s, when the School of Industrial Masters was launched, and it is not adapted to current and future needs to guarantee quality education ”. For this reason, from the Parliamentary Group, Ignacio Blanco has announced that he will officially demand an “immediate” solution from the Ministry of Education to continue with the “great work” carried out by the teaching team and the management at the center.
“The total bet on constructions for Vocational Training in Avilés in the Budgets of President Barbón is € 166,540, with which it can hardly be thought that the PSOE is betting on Vocational Training and, if in addition, as we heard from the mayor of Avilés, this is the great commitment to the new Comprehensive Vocational Training Center in La Grandiella, we fear that vocational training is by no means a commitment of the Principality of Asturias. Is a new center on new land necessary when there is a center with 1,700 students that works and that still has space for new constructions? ”, Concludes the spokesperson.

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