The VOX deputies in the General Meeting of the Principality, Ignacio Blanco and Sara Álvarez Rouco, have accused Podemos this morning of excluding the thousands of Asturians that VOX represents by intervening in llingua in the question to the President, knowing that both parliamentarians have repeatedly reported that they do not "fully" understand the interventions in llingua. "We want to thank the president of the Principality for having responded to the Podemos deputy in Spanish, considering the position of VOX that has transferred not fully understanding the interventions in llingua," said the spokesman. “Despite the fact that the President of the Principality himself intervened in Spanish to the question of Podemos, the deputy of Podemos maintained his speech in llingua, and the President continued his speech in Spanish. That is their friendly officiality, a mere imposition, which does not respect the minimum rules of education to answer someone in the same language in which they respond to you ”.
"The decision to intervene today in a dialect that we do not fully understand confirms what VOX has been denouncing, and that is that for Podemos there is no friendly officiality, there is not even a minimum of respect for those who say they do not understand llingua, an “imposed” officiality, as they have shown us today in parliament, which makes it clear that “their right to speak it is above the right of all Asturians and all citizens to understand what they say. The amiable officers that they have tried to sell is a story that today has been blown up in the meeting ", say the deputies who have decided" to leave the chamber so as not to interrupt the plenary session and make the circus that Podemos has tried to force today "during the intervention of Podemos in llingua. "They have not even respected the two days of truce, as VOX offered, of" not riding the circus for two days, which is what Podemos likes. They are incapable, as we have all been able to verify today, of a minimum contention, to close an agreement, which may have been blown up ”.
“The kind officers of Podemos is that they speak what they want and you manage. It is not that it is not something officially acceptable, it is that it is not acceptable in terms of a minimum education and this has been demonstrated today to all Asturians ”, the deputies conclude.

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