Given the extension of the quarantine derived from the state of alarm by the coronavirus, and to alleviate the psychological problems associated with it, VOX Asturias offers psychological advice to its members and sympathizers to deal with confinement in the best possible way.

We are experiencing a period of confusion and uncertainty in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic. In some cases, the consequences of the virus are knocking on our doors, leaving disease and, in the worst cases, death.

In its endeavor to try to carry this state of alarm as healthy as possible, VOX Asturias has launched different solidarity initiatives, and in addition to those other initiatives it is carrying out, it now makes two psychologists available to its members to offer guidelines and recommendations. that help to face the possible psychological consequences generated by the expansion of this virus.

It is evident that during the time we have been confined we have gone through different moods and that is why at VOX Asturias we believe that, in order not to have psychological problems, or at least reduce them, it would be good to receive the advice of one of the two psychologists who, as Party affiliates and professionals in the field will try to help whoever needs it in order to better manage this situation.

The Official College of Psychologists of the Principality of Asturias has enabled a 24-hour service at 900.925.112, but from VOX Asturias we complement that attention to our affiliates and sympathizers because of the strong political nature of the situation, and what better than professionals from ideologically related psychology, in order to better understand the situation that users of this service may experience.

You can contact this service by sending an e-mail to, by message to VOX Asturias social networks and by calling 985.19.40.74. Explain your case and depending on the problem (fear, sadness, rage, adolescents, children, coexistence, health professional, "positive", family member of the affected person, elderly person, etc.) you will be attended by one of our psychologists.

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