The deputies of VOX in the General Meeting, Ignacio Blanco and Sara Álvarez Rouco, announced today that they have transferred to the General Meeting of the Principality an Institutional Declaration of 8M against the “biased” and “insufficient” document presented by the rest of the parties that make up the parliamentary arch. “Next Sunday is a day to thank all Spaniards who have struggled to achieve equal rights between men and women and have made Spain, throughout history, a country of freedom and respect for the dignity of all "And, however, they explain," we are witnessing an instrumentalization of women and a manipulation of reality from certain parties and associations. "
Against what most of the Asturian Parliament's political forces support, VOX firmly defends that "on March 8 it commemorates the efforts of women and men to achieve equal rights between both sexes." Therefore, “claiming the feminine figure on this day does not consist in turning women into a political slogan or in collectivizing them and presenting a false panorama of men's oppression towards women in our country. Claiming the female figure today, from politics, is to work to solve their problems, just like those of men, children or the elderly. ” From VOX, the deputies explain, to support the declaration as proposed by the Asturian Parliament "would mean using women as a throwing weapon for political purposes that do not justify this instrumentalization." In addition, among other reasons, "it would imply assuming the concept of gender violence that contravenes the VOX approach, but that does not deny the existence of violence, usually dramatic, on women." In fact, "it is an undeniable reality that VOX seeks to punish violence and always does it more forcefully than the rest of the parties and demonstrates it by proposing life imprisonment for rapists and abusers," Álvarez Rouco emphasizes. A petition that, "for incoherent reasons that we fail to understand, is not shared by the social-communist groups and their like who claim the imposition of less forceful punishments for these criminals."
The statement, in addition to “insufficient,” continues Blanco and Álvarez Rouco, defends an idea that “is sectarian and promotes conflict between men and women by reducing violence to the simplification of men as abusers and women as victims” when, in addition, "after recognizing one of the parents of modern socialism, Alfonso Guerra, who when they presented the Gender Violence Law knew that it was unconstitutional, having changed nothing, it is understood that it remains unconstitutional."
But in addition, continues the deputy, "the differences in concept in terms of the wage gap, move us away again from the Institutional Declaration that have moved us." In this sense, he says that "it is totally incomprehensible that the same ones that demand that this problem be put to an end on Women's Day are the same ones that govern in Spain and that they do not implement measures to end this situation." “If the right business scenario is not recreated there will be no fix. And it is them, the PSOE, who are responsible for doing so, ”he says.
From the VOX Parliamentary Group, the deputy clarifies, “we are not going to endorse the concept of defense of sexual and reproductive rights because they represent a simplification, in addition to a denial of the status of women themselves. As much as the development of social theories wants to insist that there are no biological differences between both sexes, reality prevails and men are not biologically gifted to assume the role of women, nor women to assume that of men, Therefore, these types of statements cannot be accepted, ”he says, while clarifying that“ democracy by definition and the Constitution subscribes to it, it is equality ”.
“The argument of the Institutional Declaration implies that we live in an incomplete democracy. And that is not the case, ”says Álvarez Rouco, who points out that“ the rights of men and women are guaranteed by the Spanish Constitution and if they are not respected, it is the responsibility of those who are governing. It makes no sense to be announced as a novelty when it is a reality that is valid in itself. ”
For all these reasons, VOX Asturias has presented today an Institutional Declaration for which it demands the support of all the parliamentary groups of the General Meeting of the Principality, a “more fair” and “plural” document that “incorporates contents such as the protection for all those women who have not been included in the claims of feminist groups because they do not consider it useful for their political purposes. ” For Ignacio Blanco and Sara Álvarez Rouco, “March 8 should be a plea not only for women, but also for all men who have contributed to achieving higher levels of equality between both sexes” and argue that “the society in two proposing that it is women who reach a supremacist position to the detriment of men. ”
Therefore, “praising women by honoring them next Sunday is totally incongruous if the protection of all as a whole is not included. That is why, as long as serious cases are not resolved, such as what happened to the minors protected in Mallorca who have been sexually exploited, their case being neglected and ignored by the central government, a grandiloquent proposal like the one presented by the Government is meaningless. socialist ”, concludes Álvarez Rouco.

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