The deputies of VOX in the General Meeting, Ignacio Blanco and Sara Álvarez Rouco, transferred this morning at a press conference the rejection of VOX to the Budget of the Principality of 2020. The Parliamentary Group presented an amendment to the whole for the return of the bill of the Principality of Asturias of the General Budgets to the Governing Council in the face of “continuity accounts, with out of focus expenditure, disincentive taxes on activity and marginal productive investment, which does not bet on private companies. A budget designed for the socialist party and its friends, but not for Asturians. ”
"It is a deeply political budget," Blanco continued, "of which we question the lack of transparency in the negotiation, with a hasty and obscure parliamentary process, in which current spending is prioritized, social spending, which is not investment." In fact, the spokesman pointed out, “the 233 million euros in which the expected income is growing are the result of greater indebtedness and the increase in direct taxation two years ago. Specifically, the debt increased with respect to last year by 84 million euros, which implies a debt of 12,000 euros for an Asturian family. In fact, debt is the third department in terms of spending, ”said Blanco.
For his part, Álvarez Rouco said that “the Government of Adrián Barbón seems to be unaware of the mousetrap in which thousands of Asturians are without economic resources, without work and without any perspective. The only thing they are going to get is that Asturias is a wonderful natural paradise populated with splendid animals and without Asturians. The region is being loaded. ” In his opinion, “the socialist party and its partners do not seek job creation, they seek subsidies for people. And those who remain outside, because they do not meet the specific condition they have created to have a decent income, cannot access any kind of help, ”he lamented.
Likewise, Blanco remarked that “the more it goes to current spending, the more impoverishes Asturias. Wanting to help the poor they only increase their number. ” “Alive example, continued the deputy-, is the functional distribution of the general budget that increases by 5.1%, and yet the allocation to Industry is reduced by 37.05%, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, a 0.47%, Social Promotion only increases 0.83%, Culture 1.77% or Tourism 3.16%, compared to an 18.98% increase in debt payment, 7.57% senior management of the community and the Government, or 6.07% of the General Administration ”.
On the other hand, the deputy referred to personnel expenditure “amounting to 1,831.7 million (38.5% of the total) and rises 5.9% in various concepts, increasing the cash of the Principality for 2020 to 36,621 employees. It is the largest company in Asturias and grows at rates above inflation ”. Moreover, denounced Blanco, “less investment is made in relative terms than in the year 2019. Our economic decline goes hand in hand with the reduction of investment and the increase in current expenditure, but so many years of failed policies do not seem to change the criteria of Socialist party that is more concerned with feeding its own than feeding the Asturian. The herculean work of PSOE and IU by the poor is paying off and today Asturias has poorer and worse economic data in relation to the rest of Spain than 30 years ago. The resilience of the left to change its way of governing is surprising despite the data. ”
For the VOX Parliamentary Group, “the Government should focus on basic and essential public services, that is, health, education and welfare, bet firmly on the concert, and stop wasting resources in its clientele networks and in an oversized public sector and inefficient. But the unfortunate thing now is that the PSOE is not alone in this madness of numbers, in addition to its preferred partners (IU), the right (FORUM) and the vane of Citizens are sold to power and bleached some terrible budgets. We are eager to know the price at which they sell their position. We are certain that with this budget Adrián Barbón will be the last socialist president of Asturias, ”he concluded.

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