The VOX Asturias Parliamentary Group requires the Government of the Principality to put in place "urgently" a health protocol so that families can say goodbye to their loved one who is the victim of COVID-19. VOX Asturias has presented a Proposal not of Law (PNL) to the General Meeting of the Principality urging the regional Executive to enable the necessary means in the health centers of the region "to allow admitted people to enjoy the right to be accompanied by their family, emotional or social environment at the end of their lives, guaranteeing the right of patients to say goodbye to their loved ones with a death in the greatest dignity that allows the health and safety of all Asturians, "said the spokesman.
"Unfortunately," continues Ignacio Blanco, "we are facing a scenario in which the pandemic has claimed the lives of more than a hundred Asturians, many of whom have been unable to find refuge in their closest environment, or their families They have been able to say their last goodbye, a dramatic situation that joins the deep pain that the loss of a loved one already entails in itself. ” However, and despite the fact that the initial protocols against coronavirus in the health network “isolated” health centers and hospitals, we consider that at this time, “taking into account the data provided by the Principality, and analyzing its evolution, it is urgent that the political leaders of the region take social measures ”.
For this reason, VOX Asturias calls on the regional government to put in place strict accompaniment protocols so as to allow their presence. subject to the medical judgment of at least one family member or the closest environment. "The health situation will recover, the house closings will be lifted, the economy will recover, but no one will be able to recover without saying goodbye to their loved one. There are no excuses. It is not death that scared many of them, death is our only certainty, what they feared and fear is the abandonment and loneliness of their last moments. Is it so difficult to configure a security protocol? They must provide means of protection so that the relatives can say goodbye to theirs, "the spokesperson concludes.

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