VOX deputy in the General Meeting Sara Álvarez Rouco, accompanied by the party coordinator in Pravia, Rafael Sierra, has visited the Pravia council where she has held meetings with neighbors and associations in the area. VOX Asturias showed its support for Parkinson's patients in the Villa, in a meeting held with representatives of the Pravia Parkinson's Association, with its president, Ángel Manuel Fernández Alonso at the head, who was explaining the work they carry out with physiotherapy services and speech therapy for the twenty members that compose it, not only from Pravia but also from other councils such as Soto del Barco, Cudillero and even Tineo.
"For users of the Center," says Sara Á. Rouco- These months without being able to go to it have been very hard, as they have not been able to do the exercises and therapies they do at home three days a week in the premises, where they have treadmills, ellipticals, rehabilitation equipment, games of memory and skill, a place to meet and encourage each other in the daily fight of this terrible disease.
The deputy from VOX Asturias adds that “it is necessary that centers with physiotherapy and speech therapy services open their doors as soon as possible with all health guarantees. And it is equally important that sufficient resources are devoted to research to minimize the effects of this type of disease. ”
Meeting with neighborhood associations
Sara Álvarez Rouco also visited the town of Los Cabos, where there are neighbors who see their home in danger along with the sadly famous sinkhole on the AS-368 road; a problem for which they have spent almost a decade waiting for a repair that does not come.
In a meeting at the Social Center of Los Cabos with neighbors, VOX Asturias noted the serious problems of drinking water supply suffered by the people and the lack of solutions by the Pravia City Council. "As neighbors have recalled," says Sara A. Rouco, "in 2017 there was an item of 106,000 euros budgeted for feasibility studies and the placement of filters for the towns of Corias and Los Cabos, but which was never carried out, so that the water that the neighbors receive in their houses arrives cloudy and smelling, they do not dare to drink it and also now with the arrival of summer the irrigation of farms, the filling of swimming pools or the washing of vehicles has also been prohibited, so ironically wondering what can be done with the supplied water. "
Another topic discussed at the meeting was the depopulation of the rural environment, where it was revealed “the unwillingness of the Government of Asturias to make the towns attractive, where the houses are left empty and facilities are not given to the new neighbors who are trying to settle down. in them, and with problems such as drinking water or access, the option of choosing the rural environment as a residence becomes unattractive ".
The VOX Asturias deputy also met with the director of the Integration Support Center, Ascivitas, José Luis Solar, to learn first-hand about the vicissitudes they are going through since the pandemic was decreed last March. "We applaud the work that the Integration Support Center, Ascivitas, has carried out to overcome the problems suffered by users throughout the period of confinement, as well as the solutions they have been taking to adapt to the current situation," highlights Sara A. Rouco after verifying that the users of the center are people with functional diversity who reside in the municipalities of Cudillero, Muros de Nalón, Soto del Barco, Pravia, Candamo, Salas, Belmonte de Miranda and Tineo.

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