The VOX Asturias Parliamentary Group today presented a Proposition No of Law (PNL) to the General Meeting of the Principality urging the regional government to adopt an urgent measures plan to alleviate the impact on senior citizens' residences, both public and private. to guarantee the health and protection of restrooms, assistants and residents, as well as to facilitate the safe accompaniment of family members and volunteers, providing adequate technological means to those residences where in-person visits cannot be guaranteed. The proposal transferred by the VOX Parliamentary Group requests that, among other aspects, the diagnostic tests of the COVID-19 pandemic be carried out urgently, intensively and universally in all public and private centers, both residents and employees, to isolate the cases positives of healthy older people, as well as increasing the protection of toilets and auxiliaries and providing adequate protection materials.
The deputy of the parliamentary group VOX, Sara Álvarez Rouco, stresses the urgency of implementing the measures in the centers of the Third Age, “as our elders are one of the sectors of the population most affected by this pandemic, with whom the virus is spreading especially cruel, as unfortunately the figures in our region and throughout the country demonstrate daily. ” For this reason, the deputy points out, "we cannot attend the situation of helplessness in which such an important part of our population is being seen or can be seen, which makes it necessary to launch a battery of measures specifically directed at assure those who have built this country and have led us by example throughout all these years. ”
"The Spanish saw with dismay how the members of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) found, in the exercise of their duty and once again lending their support to the weakest, the elderly living with corpses in residences of the Third Age, in a practical situation of abandonment for not having found in time substitutes for the staff who had become ill, ”regrets the deputy.
For this reason, "given the exceptional situation we are experiencing," continues Álvarez Rouco, "it is urgent that the regional government carry out COVID-19 tests in nursing homes in our region, because early detection of possible cases is essential to avoid the expansion of the virus in centers where cases appear and increase the chances of success in the recovery of those affected, "he concludes.
Measures included in Proposition No of Law (PNL) of VOX Asturias:
1º.- Urgent, intensive and universal performance of the diagnostic tests for the COVID-19 pandemic in public and private residences for the elderly; both residents and employees.
2º.- Isolate the positives in SARS-CoV-2 from the healthy elderly.
3º.- Increase the protection of the toilets and auxiliaries of these centers and provide the appropriate protection materials.
4º.- Increase the sanitary control of these centers of the Third Age.
5º.- Facilitate the safe accompaniment of their relatives and volunteers.
6º.- Incorporate technological means that allow communication with loved ones.

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