The VOX spokesperson in the Zaragoza City Council, Julius calvo, has valued from "huge hypocrisy”The proposed resolution presented by Ciudadanos. And for which “the city government is urged to name the Parque de la Mujer, the Parque de la Azucarera. In recognition of the role of women. And in memory of the women victims of gender violence ”.

This proposal was approved in the State of the City Debate. But the municipal group VOX voted against. Because "it is only a gesture that does not defend any rights of women." For excluding a large part of the victims of violence. And, furthermore, because of the terminology used in the motion for a resolution.

Empty gestures

Julio Calvo points out that, at the same time, the street of Margaret Nelken. “While they make gestures in defense of women's rights, they honor on the street in Zaragoza whoever opposed them.” A socialist deputy who, during the Second Republic, actively opposed women's suffrage.

“When next year, on these same dates, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is commemorated again, what avenue, square, bridge, sports center, fountain or other public space will be renamed? And in 2022? And in 2023? And in 2024? Will we have an avenue of Women? A Plaza de las Mujeres? A bridge of Women? A women's sports center? A source for Women? ”Asks the VOX spokesperson.

Calvo recalls that Deputy Mayor Sara Fernández has a "dubious honor." That of being the first councilor of the Zaragoza City Council who in 40 years of democracy made the decision to “censor a book that a woman had written”. “It is something that says a lot, and nothing good, about his political principles. Prior censorship exercised by a public position is a crime, as reflected in article 538 of the Penal Code ”, he concludes.

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