VOX Alicante has joined the rally held in front of the Alicante Government Sub-delegation called by the hospitality associations ALROA, ARA and APEHA to protest against the closure of nightlife by the Generalitat Valenciana and to demand support from public administrations to the sector. To it, on behalf of the political party, its municipal spokesperson, Mario Ortolá, the concilor Jose Juan Bonet as well as the national deputies Manuel Mestre and Eduardo Ruiz and the autonomous ones Miguel Pascual and Ana Maria Cerdán, accompanied by various party members at the provincial and local level.

Ortolá has denounced that “the Generalitat Valenciana is taking advantage of the pandemic to apply its ideological agenda, which involves impoverishing citizens and then turning them into slaves of its subsidy industry. We are witnessing a very serious attack on the freedom of small businessmen that the only thing that will lead us is to put thousands of people from Alicante who work in the hospitality sector into unemployment ”. In this same sense, he stated that “the Mayor, Luis Barcala, has decided to abandon the entrepreneurs of the Alicante nightlife by refusing to give them the possibility of benefiting from the modification of the license as coffee with music and without cooking in an extraordinary and temporary way, as has already been done in other municipalities such as San Vicente del Raspeig and other cities like Mérida. It is time to be brave and face the arbitrary and liberticidal ideas of the radical left ”.

The VOX Spokesperson in the Alicante City Council has recalled that during these months of pandemic, the City Council has granted aid worth more than 750,000 euros to cooperation and immigration, to gender violence bars and to the increase in advisers from the Popular Party and Citizens, abandoning Alicante merchants and hoteliers and their families in the worst economic moment in memory since the 2008 crisis ”.

Pepe Bonet, Councilor for VOX in the Alicante City Council, adds “It seems unfair to us that a sector such as the hotel and leisure sector, the engine of our economy, is punished by unfair measures promoted by the Generalitat. Many families depend directly and indirectly on the hospitality sector. We are not only talking about the people who work in these establishments, but also their suppliers in a real estate sector, which means in closed premises having to pay the rent.

In short, we request a review of these measures as soon as possible to try to save a very delicate situation. As we said, it seems unfair to us that they have to pay just for sinners. We totally agree that if any establishment does not comply with the norms indicated, but the rest that do comply with hygienic sanitary measures, they are allowed to work. "

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