Jerez de la Frontera, December 15, 2020. – The deputy of VOX Cádiz in the Parliament of Andalusia, Angela Mulas, has expressed its support for the consolidation of the historical route of the Via Augusta within the official routes of the Camino de Santiago.

In a telematic meeting with representatives of the Jacobean Association of Jerez, its president, Carlos Perdigones, explained to the deputy that the entity was born with the objective of include Jerez in the map of the Jacobean routes, before the rise of the Via Augusta route, which starts in Cádiz and ends in the province of Seville, before connecting with the Ruta de la Plata.

Ángela Mulas during the telematic meeting with the Jacobean Association of Jerez

VOX considers that this ambitious project, in whose investigation experts historians and archaeologists of the city have participated, would be an important tourist attraction for Jerez, since it would come to put in value its historical heritage inside and outside the urban nucleus.

For this reason, the deputy Angela Mulas has committed to transferring the initiative to the Culture Committee of the Andalusian Parliament and request the autonomous government to implement the necessary measures so that this project can see the light as soon as possible.

Among the measures to be implemented, the road adaptation for people with reduced mobility, the possibility of being able to carry out the route on horseback, the installation of the corresponding signage, the construction of a hostel for pilgrims, as well as the creation of a headquarters for the Jacobean Association of Jerez itself.

“This initiative is of great importance for position Jerez as one of the most attractive strategic points at the time of making the road to Santiago. Thus, in addition to making known the rich historical and archaeological heritage of the area, no one is aware that the influx of pilgrims it is a golden opportunity to generate wealth and employment”, Concludes VOX deputy, Angela Mulas.

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