• Ask the Executive for their plans to solve the undetermined number of people who lack documentation to work legally in Spain in the agricultural sector

Seville, August 6, 2020. The national deputy of VOX for Seville Reyes Romero has held the Podemite sector of the Government of the propagation of hoaxes against Spanish agricultural entrepreneurs to whom it attributes a slave-owning attitude towards seasonal workers who come to Spain to work.

Romero has detailed that “the hoax campaign against Spanish agricultural entrepreneurs is carried out very actively in the media and social networks, and consists of the exhibition of images of crowded people, in poor physical and moral condition, many of them infected with Covid-19, which are concentrated in rural areas, but they do not explain that they are illegal immigrants who have entered Spain clandestinely"

The also third vice president of VOX has denounced that “in the hoax campaign that tries to demonize Spanish agricultural entrepreneurs public officials participate as the Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Pablo Iglesias; Rita Bosaho, General Director for Equal Treatment and Ethnic Racial Diversity and Pablo Echenique, spokesperson for Podemos in Congress. The three, without the slightest respect for the truth and for the rigor that their senior positions of responsibility are supposed to be, they incite in the media and networks the specter of xenophobia, racism and slavery, to further deepen its hate message what good political returns he reaps among the press and his electorate ”.

Reyes Romero has lamented “the umpteenth government aggression against the Spanish countryside, to entrepreneurs and farmers who must fight against the extremely poor prices at source, the unfair competition that the arrival of products from third countries through the back door means, the undisguised attack on diesel and now against the false image that the government extreme left tries to transfer of an exploitative and fascist Spanish business community"

“The Coordinadora de Agricultores y Ganaderos (COAG) itself has been the first to denounce this campaign of hoaxes against them, which we could well call real harassment, and they try to explain without anyone attending them, that They cannot employ these temporary workers in any case because they are without proper documentation to reside and work legally in the national territory.

The VOX deputy for Seville has asserted that "the hypocrisy of this Government has no limits because those images of overcrowded seasonal workers, living poorly and without the minimum conditions of hygiene and security is sole and exclusive responsibility of the Government, especially adept at throwing continuous smoke screens behind which to hide because the only certain thing is that their irregular presence in Spain is the responsibility of the central government, than paradoxically encourages the call effect, hence our interest in knowing in detail the plans of the Executive to solve this problem ”, he concluded.

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