VOX brings to the Cortes the SOS of the fairgrounds in Aragon. It raises a Proposition not of Law on the authorization of the activity of fair attractions or creation of lines of aid to the sector.

Specifically, it requests that the recent health order include fairground attractions as activities to be carried out in the play and bio-healthy areas. In sports areas or public spaces in the open air. In order for said group to have a work alternative at the end of its activity that is regulated in the aforementioned order.

Likewise, the proposal proposes to extend the Temporary Records of Employment Regulation and subsidies of the self-employed fair-minded, at least until the end of the year. If the pandemic continues.

Also, create a line of aid for SMEs and self-employed vendors to address the lack of income and the expenses they bear.

And finally, the proposal raises the exemption from the payment of social contributions of said group while the exceptional situation generated by Covid-19 lasts.

The SOS of the Union of Industrial Fairgrounds of Spain

The Unión de Industriales Feriantes de España (U.I.F.E.), has approximately 100 families in Aragon who live from this fair sector. As a result of legal restrictions due to the Covid19 pandemic, they are being seriously harmed. They are prevented from working without offering them alternatives for personal or family subsistence.

And neither for the sector itself, which has been dragging a very delicate and almost unsustainable situation. On September 18 this group demonstrated in front of the doors of the Aljafería.

The showmen denounce that the right and duty that every citizen has to a job regulated and provided for in article 35 of the Constitution is violated.

The sector needs to develop its activity and work. And maintain demanding and rigorous health protocols. They want to work and mount their attractions in public spaces, squares or lots. And do it independently of what is strictly understood by parties, festivals or popular events. For example, in those "non-parties" that have been celebrated in different parts of Spain.

Finally, this group considers it a comparative offense that attractions similar to the ones they install are allowed in other centers. Thus, in large centers or shopping centers such as Parque Venecia, or Dinópolis. This park is advertised with new attractions similar to those of the fairgrounds.

There is also a comparative grievance with the treatment that this sector receives in other communities, where they have been allowed to work. Thus in Andalusia, Valencia, Cantabria or Catalonia, even in Andorra la Bella, despite being very restrictive in its safety regulations.

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