Juan Canós, spokesperson for the VOX Municipal Group in the City of Burriana, has demanded from the government team, in the Urban Planning and Environment Commission, the control and application of the Waste Management Plan in the demolitions that are being carried out within the scope of the EPI Sant Gregori In said document, which has been submitted by entry register at the City Council barely a week ago, it is very clearly specified that waste from demolition must be deposited in suitable containers, after being selectively separated according to their nature.

In the report “IDENTIFICATION OF THE SPILLS MADE IN THE SECTOR SUR-T-1 "SANT GREGORI", UNTIL 02/14/2020 " provided by the Development Agent, it is obvious that this is not the case. "Right now it is a huge uncontrolled dump. ”, Canós comments.

From VOX, they affirm:We will support the development of this development whenever it is executed with the maximum legal and financial guarantees. ”


In the B.I.M of this month of February, Juan Canós points out, in the opinion article of the PSOE you can read this paragraph referring to the aid that Burriana will receive for the damages suffered by the passage of the temporary Gloria (sic) “Socialist governments, both state and regional, have acted as quickly as possible and Burriana will be included in the line of aid because of the storm that both governments are processing. The technical assessment of the damage is estimated at around 3 million euros"

Yesterday the amounts of the aid consigned by the Ministry of Ecological Transition for the province of Castellón were known.

A total of 4.1 million euros, of which 71,000 euros + VAT are assigned to cover the damages suffered by Burriana. "This is value given by the Government of Sánchez to Burriana. It is an infamy and a shame that the administration responsible for the damages generated by the storms on our coast responds with this insult to the Burrians. You don't need these saddlebags for this trip. ”, comments the VOX councilor.

According to the valuations of the local government team, the Generalitat should provide aid worth 2,930,000 euros to complete the 3,000,000. In VOX they ask if someone believes it while sarcastically they affirm. Long live the speed!


In another order of things, yesterday a digital press media published a story in which it was denounced that Vicente Aparisi, first deputy mayor of the City of Burriana, did not comply with the dedication of 100% since, according to the information provided by the same digital newspaper, combines his work in the town hall with that of commercial advisor in a real estate company.

From VOX they urge Aparisi to clarify this issue and regularize their employment status if appropriate.

In the press release sent to the media, VOX takes the opportunity to remind the PSOE of Burriana, and specifically Javier Gual, that VOX's way of acting is nothing like that of the PSOE, "who did not hesitate to reproach the national leaders of Vox for false news appeared in the newspaper EL PAIS on the financing of VOX. " "If we apply, affirms the councilor of VOX in Burriana, his demagogic and toxic theories, right now we would be urging the reprobation of Vicente Aparisi, instead of asking for explanations. As always, the double measuring stick on the left appears. ”

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