Juan Canós, spokesperson for the VOX Municipal Group in the City of Burriana has attended with the Mayor of Burriana, members of the government team of the City Council, Consuelo Suay of the PP and neighborhood representatives of Les Terraces, Grao, Puerto and Serratella to a meeting with those responsible for the Provincial Delegation of Coasts of Castellón in order to claim the execution of the projects, some of them declared as "Priority" and with more than 10 years old, which have never been undertaken.

After the last “Gloria” storm, the lack of these vital works for Burriana has once again become apparent and they are leaving… leaving material damage, restlessness and a sense of abandonment on the part of the Central Administration.

Of all the pending projects, only the drafting of the breakwater project of La Serratella at the height of Camí Les Tancaes has been tendered. According to Fernando Pérez, Head of the Provincial Service, the publication of the award of said Project will be shortly, but the processing of the same will be extended for at least one to two more years since the relevant Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has been approved and the public exposure deadlines thereof. All this means that the works, hopefully, will be tendered as soon as 2022.

The other breakwaters that remain between Camí Les Tancaes and Ratlla De Nules will be unapproachable since they would not exceed the DAY when the Poseidonea covered seabed is found and protected.

As for the area of ​​Les Terrraces, coastal protection projects are postponed, since their design has been subject to the Sant Gregori EPI Project.

Canós has insisted that the negligence of Costas' functions has contributed greatly to the regression of the coast and to the continuous modifications of the delimitation of the Terrestrial Maritime Line towards the interior of the coast of our coast, making it impossible, by current regulations , many repairs and maintenance work on homes that are on the front line. It is not acceptable that the administration that does not fulfill its task prevents the maintenance of houses damaged by the storms and belittles their claims.

From VOX they announce that they will put all their effort to reverse this situation.

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