In the extraordinary plenary on Thursday 27, the 2020 Strategic Grant Plan for Burriana was discussed.

Establishing an expense criterion for the proper use of public money should be one of the priorities of any public manager. The money of the Spaniards that is given in subsidies must be for the most needy, not to irrigate associations related to the government team on duty with public money.

Yesterday, an extraordinary session of the Plenary Session of the City Council was held in Burriana for the approval of the Strategic Grant Plan, a plan that states, in its Art.-3, that “the subsidies must be aimed at promoting all those activities that contribute to satisfy the needs and aspirations of the neighborhood community ”.

VOX criticized that associations such as EMAC have gone from receiving € 5,000 in 2017 to € 10,000 in the current year without having doubled their economic impact on businesses in the municipality, a similar situation occurs with the Maig Di Grass (Soul Explosion) festival that will receive € 9,000. The GM VOX councilor, Jesús Albiol, asked the Councilor for Culture: “Is there a report that details the economic impact of the EMAC and Maig Di Grass festivals in the shops of Burriana?… What needs and aspirations do these festivals satisfy, water related associations with public money? ”

Albiol said that the bullfighting party does have a cultural roots in Burriana and attracts residents from different municipalities, it does have a dynamic effect on the economy of Burriana and has barely seen the amount of the subsidy increased.

Regarding the Equality grant received by the Isonomia foundation, the VOX councilor, Jesús Albiol, explained that this foundation “presents very biased studies on the type of toys and games among children, assumes that the man is violent and the woman victim, therefore it is another beach bar that must disappear. ”

The Strategic Plan of Grants presented by PSOE and Compromís, and which supported PP and Citizens, lacks a determined support for large families and birth in general, withdraws the allocation that in 2019 received the Multiple Sclerosis Association and the Brain Damage Foundation Supervening and only designates for the group of associations of greater € 2,600. Albiol concluded: "This Strategic Subsidy Plan sets aside the needy and encourages beach bars."

VOX councilors reaffirmed their argument by voting against the 2020 Strategic Grant Plan.

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