Madrid, October 28, 2020.- VOX has presented in the Senate an amendment that proposes to urge the Government to establish a system that prioritizes access to the labor market for young people under guardianship over entering Spain legally, with the aim of ending the call effect and not creating comparative grievances with people who have entered our country legally. So don't get 'further rewarded' for illegal entries

The senator has criticized – during the debate of the Motion to facilitate the incorporation into the labor market of young people tutored by government programs– The "completely parallel" reality in which the left lives and that "nothing adjusts to what Spaniards live day by day in their neighborhoods." "They have run out of common sense in the poor neighborhoods of this country that are really experiencing these problems," he denounced.

González-Robatto has denounced that, "they put illegal immigrants in hotels, when Spaniards are getting impoverished they don't have access to work, we have a youth poverty rate of 40%" and has asked if "we really have to do all these policies of inclusion that will further impoverish our people ».

"Instead of rebuilding businesses, creating jobs and protecting all those Spaniards from poor neighborhoods who have remained on the streets, you are going to pay for more illegal immigration," he reproached.

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