Vox has been denouncing the lack of protection material in Spain for weeks to face the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost all the professional sectors that are in the front line of this fight have limited access to masks, gloves or protective equipment. However, the Government has announced that it will help Morocco to fight the coronavirus and, for this reason, the national deputy of Vox for Ceuta, Teresa López, wants to know what specific resources the PSOE-United Podemos coalition Executive plans to allocate to this finish.

The Ceuta parliamentarian has registered a request for information addressed to the General State Administration to find out the “budget allocated by the State to Morocco”, as well as to other countries in North Africa, “for aid in the fight against coronavirus pandemic ”. In addition, López is interested in having detailed information on the countries to which such aid will be provided or has already been provided.

The Vox national deputy also asks for a detailed reference, list and enumeration that includes this package of measures and the date of its implementation, as well as its duration.

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