VOX in Aragon calls for coordination in the prevention of African swine fever with neighboring regions. In a Non-Law Proposal, on measures in relation to ASF, it calls for the implementation of a control over the wild boar population in the border areas.

Likewise, VOX demands that the economic impact that the arrival of the aforementioned plague could have on the pig sector of our community be evaluated. And also, adopt measures aimed at hunting wild boar throughout the Pyrenees. To decimate its population as a prevention of the advance of the disease through these animals.

All this in coordination with the municipalities that could be affected and the groups of hunters.

African swine fever

African swine fever (ASF) has killed more than 8 million pigs worldwide since 2016. And it continues to spread across Europe. In recent days the disease has reached Germany, the leading exporter of pork in Europe, followed by Spain.

The appearance of cases of African swine fever (ASF) in Germany in recent days has led to the closure of borders. And the loss of extra-community markets for pigs produced in this country.

These cases diagnosed in Germany are preceded by others in Poland and Ukraine. Which means that the disease advances westward, most likely carried by wild boars.

South Korea has already announced a ban on pork imports from Germany; and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Spain has already warned that the arrival of ASF in Germany may generate distortions in the national pig market.

It is not necessary to recall the enormous economic and social relevance of the pig sector in Spain and, especially, in Aragon. The diagnosis of a single case of ASF in Spain would imply the immediate closure of borders to the export of our pigs and their derived products, which would lead to the immediate ruin of most of the Spanish pig sector.

The wild boar population in Spain has been increasing progressively in recent years. In such a way that in some areas it can already be considered a pest. And the direct damage it causes in the fields is very large. As well as the traffic accidents caused by wild boars.

Although measures such as the general authorization of wild boar hunting have been implemented, we believe that we must go further given the magnitude of the threat posed by the introduction of ASF carried by wild boar.

VOX in Aragon asks the Government

Santiago Morón has registered a question for the Minister of Agriculture, regarding African swine fever (ASF) and its possible negative effects on our community. What preventive measures does your Ministry have in mind in order to control the effects, both health and economic impact, of the arrival of ASF to the relevant pig sector in our community?

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