The head of the VOX delegation in the European Parliament, Jorge Buxadé, has sent a letter to the president of the Civil Liberties commission, the Spanish socialist Juan Fernando López Aguilar, asking him for “collaboration” to denounce “in an energetic way” the harassment suffered by several Spanish judges as a result of their investigations into senior positions at United We Can, including the leader of the formation and vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias.

In said letter, Buxadé alludes to the situation of the investigating magistrate of the so-called 'Dina case', Manuel García Castellón, who has had to request protection from the General Council of the Judiciary for the campaign of personal and professional discredit and intimidation of which he is being subjected since he asked the Supreme Court to indict Iglesias for disclosure of secrets, computer damage and simulation of crime, among other benefits.

"The aforementioned attacks, as you well know, have not been uttered by journalists and individuals, but have also been repeated and amplified by political leaders, some of them being members of the Government," explains Buxadé, who also recalls that, with this, These members "have been able to take advantage of the visibility and prestige of the institutions they represent to enhance the message," in an action, he adds, "that directly and violently attacks the division of powers and the democratic order."

After recalling that García Castellón has also filed a complaint with the police for personal insults and death threats made against him on social networks, the European VOX spokesperson reminds López Aguilar that the independence of the Judiciary is one of the founding values ​​of the European Union and that its defense "as the ultimate guarantor of people's rights" is "fundamental" for the survival and strength of democracy in Europe.

The aggressiveness of Iglesias and his party against judges who do not agree with them is not a novelty in Spanish politics – two days ago the extreme left formation accused Judge Juan José Escalonilla of "opening a general case" against them for their alleged illegal financing – but they have escalated in a very worrying way in recent days.

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