VOX calls for more recognition and practical skills for Professional Associations. The parliamentary group raises a Proposal not of Law on the recognition and competences of the Professional Associations of Aragon.

For this, it raises the presence and participation of the Professional Associations in advisory bodies of the Administration, such as unions. Among them, the Economic Social Council of Aragon, the Aragonese Institute of Social Services, the Council of Universities, the Council of Transparency of Aragon or the Public Procurement forum of Aragon.

Likewise, the proposal defends the effective control of the Associations of the professional activities of their sector. In particular, those that require compulsory membership. To be able to exercise, with guarantees of deontological control and good service to consumers and users.

Finally, the VOX proposal calls for Professional Associations to be taken more into account. And the Courses taught by the Professional Associations themselves are considered as merits to be asserted in competitive examinations, specifications or improvements of professional categories.

In support of the Professional Associations of Aragon

The Association of Professional Associations of Aragon, is configured as a group of Professional Associations of Aragon. It brings together a total of 44 Professional Associations, around 44,000 professionals.

In this grouping all professional sectors are represented:

  • Sanitary in all its amplitude.
  • Legal
  • Technician, both architecture and engineering
  • Scientific
  • Economy and business
  • Communication
  • Real estate
  • Education
  • Sport
  • Social workers…

The people who make up and direct these Professional Associations are people trained in their respective work and professional skills. With practical experience and knowledge at all levels. How it provides daily work in each sector and dealing with different audiences or consumers and users. And see themselves in different situations, in the development of their professions, in direct contact with society.

The Professional Associations ensure the responsible exercise of each profession. Compliance with legal obligations, both in labor and tax matters. Of the assurance of civil responsibilities, of the obtaining of authorizations or degrees, the association, when this is obligatory …

And to its objectives of defense to consumers and users

Its efforts are focused on promoting measures to reinforce technical and scientific guarantees. That they provide users of professional services with maximum security and confidence.

Also offer continuous training for professionals. Contribute to the digitization of professional relationships, both interprofessional, and with users or the Administration itself.

And, finally, defend the professional group from situations of intrusion and unfair competition. Particularly in those cases in which legal obligations are breached. No economic or insurance burdens are assumed for your activity. They do not submit to deontological control and the organization of the professions. And ultimately, situations of genuine helplessness and fraud are generated in consumers and users of its services.

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