The First Inter-Parliamentary VOX Andalucía-Ceuta-Melilla started this Friday with a first act that took place in Campo de Gibraltar. Facing the rock, they have opted for the reindustrialization of the area that serves as an engine for economic development on both sides of the Strait. The president of VOX Ceuta, Juan Sergio Redondo, the national deputy, Teresa López and the spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group, Carlos Verdejo, have traveled there from the autonomous city. In addition, the spokesperson for VOX in Andalusia, Alejandro Hernández, accompanied by the national deputy of VOX for Cádiz, Carlos Zambrano and the president of VOX Melilla, José Miguel Tasende, also participated.

In addition to calling for a reindustrialization of the area, the representatives of VOX have demanded greater human and material resources for the State Security Forces and Bodies that daily combat drug trafficking in the area. The spokesperson for VOX in Andalusia, Alejandro Hernández, has demanded the need to "implement an urgent and shock plan to reindustrialize and re-economically boost the entire Campo de Gibraltar area." «There are many towns that need urgent actions for which the competence resides in the Junta de Andalucía itself and that are making themselves wait too long. This type of action is necessary because the economic revitalization would also reverse, without any doubt, the situation in the Strait and in Ceuta, boosting the commercial flows that are so important for that area ”, he pointed out.

Support to the Security Forces and Bodies

The national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, recalled that VOX has already registered a Proposition No of Law in Congress to declare the area as a special singularity in the face of the violence that drug trafficking commands are demonstrating. In addition, more material resources have been requested for the agents such as SUVs prepared for the persecution of drug traffickers and boats for the Civil Guard prepared for the persecutions in the Strait.

For his part, Carlos Zambrano, VOX national deputy for Cádiz, has expressed the need to provide the Security Forces and Bodies with "human and material resources" to attend to the fight against drug trafficking and illegal immigration because "the situation is absolutely unsustainable ». “We have shown great interest in the situation of the FCSE in the Cádiz area and especially in the Campo de Gibraltar area. Various deputies have held various meetings with associations to find out what the situation is, "he explained to the media.

"It is depressing to see how there are economic items for purely ideological and political issues, and yet investments for issues as sensitive and as essential as security and organized crime, are left aside in budget items," he denounced . Similarly, Zambrano has urgently demanded "a series of protocols that allow agents to regain authority from the offender."

Lastly, Juan Sergio Redondo, highlighted the «link of union» between Ceuta, Campo

Gibraltar and Andalusia in general. "We understand that a revitalization of the economic sectors on both shores of the Strait is very productive both for Ceuta, Cádiz, and for the whole of Andalusia." "These meetings will go along the lines of activating ideas, proposals that lead to economic reactivation on both shores of the Strait of Gibraltar," concluded Redondo.

"In this meeting we will deal with different issues related to economic development both in Ceuta and nearby areas and it is of utmost importance for the economic future of the city," said Redondo to add: "The participation of the VOX Parliamentary Group in Andalusia to activate the agreements that exist today in matters of economy, fisheries, justice, or health matters in these times of pandemic and that it is VOX that defends the implementation of these agreements that exist but that we have not seen yet that have been launched ”.

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