VOX Ceuta will take the Immigration Agreement with the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security to the next plenary session of the Government. An agreement that includes 16 social workers who have been signing contracts every year for thirteen years and without job stability. Therefore, the training will ask the local Executive about their situation. VOX wants to know if there is any reason that prevents the situation of the personnel who attend to social issues of the Immigration Agreement from being regularized when, for example, the data processing personnel were regularized belonging to the same agreement.

The training recalls that the Autonomous City has "an urgent need" to have this group of workers in such a way that, if they were dismissed at some point, "the Ministry of Social Affairs, the UTS and Social Services would have to be closed directly" . Hence, VOX asks why the Government has appealed the sentences that have declared the staff of the Immigration Agreement as indefinite, "knowing full well that it will only generate a significant loss of time and money for the public purse."

In addition, the party asks the local Executive to clarify why the judicial resolution is being appealed "knowing that if these personnel are fired in December, the activity in Social Affairs would be paralyzed." A key issue for the operation of the basic services that many Ceuta families receive.

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