The GM VOX, in his intervention in support of the Motion, rejected, Presented by Cs for the reactivation of local commerce, he asked the Municipal Government team to apply the social urgency that he proclaims.

Luciano Ferrer: "If the aid does not arrive soon, if we do not apply the urgency that the matter requires, many businesses will close definitively. The aid, real and tangible, must arrive now "

Before, it had already been approved, with the abstention of VOX, the Municipal Protocol for Coordinated Action for the Comprehensive Care of Women Victims of Gender Violence. For VOX, a new gender perspective pamphlet aimed at the discrimination of men over women.

VOX continues to insist that "gender violence" does not exist and that the law of the same name discriminates against one sex from another. VOX has always promoted the promulgation of a “Domestic Violence Law”That protects the elderly, men, women and children alike. Also since VOX the suppression of subsidized "radical feminist organizations" is called for as well as the effective prosecution of false accusations.

This does not mean, as most high-paying media want to sell, that VOX does not acknowledge the existence of family violence against women and joins any effort to eradicate it, but not through useless subsidized beach bars since the more money is allocated to the problem, administered by them, the more cases of violence occur.

VOX had presented a motion requesting the revocation of the adhesion of the City Council to the FEMP. Luciano Ferrer he was left alone in the vote and had to suffer disqualifications, some without meaning or argument, from the PP, by Vicent Sales and from the PSOE in the turn of José Luis López.

Apparently, according to councilor Sales, having fewer councilors and fewer votes than the PP in Spain reduces the legitimacy of VOX to criticize its "Placement Agencies", it seems that something from the central government has stuck in its curious way of understanding the democracy.

VOX understands that the FEMP takes the voice away from the municipalities, it does not give it, as stated by the Socialist councilor José Luis López who accused Luciano Ferrer to comply with the demands of the National Committee of the party and of a single thought.

Luciano Ferrer: "Yes, Mr. López, I am faithful to my party as you are faithful to the ‘sanchismo’ imposed from Moncloa. I remind you that the single thought is your roadmap … we are the ones who defend people's freedom and we know that it bothers them"

Once again, the RECs also encouraged the Plenary. The continuity in the promises to minimize them and the continuity in presenting them was repeated in other plenary sessions.

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