Algeciras October 30, 2020. The VOX Parliamentary Group has registered a Non-Law Proposition urging the government of the nation to promote and promote the execution of the Mediterranean Corridor and the Atlantic Corridor in the section between Algeciras and Bobadilla, in order to improve the railway connection of Campo de Gibraltar where the most important port is located, due to the volume of its traffic, in Southern Europe. This is an area whose great industrial possibilities and strategic position have been ignored by the governments of both signs to the detriment of the national interest and the inhabitants of the important municipalities that are located there.

Agustín Rosety has shown his indignation when he learned, in the last hours, that the amount allocated in the 2021 Budgets for the execution of such a priority project is absolutely insufficient. It is thus confirmed that the socialist-communist government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias is incapable of properly assessing the interests of Spain and its citizens, once again ignoring this region, whose population suffers from serious problems of citizen insecurity that, in reality They concern the whole nation.

"The residents of Algeciras and Campo de Gibraltar do not deserve such treatment from the PSOE and United We Can", lamented the first deputy of VOX in Cádiz.

“Algecireños are beginning to be tired of seeing how both the PSOE and the PP throw the ball from one field to another, while the years pass and the train problem still has no solution. Perhaps for this reason, in Algeciras we have been the first political force, because the people of Algeciras have decided that it is time to put their trust in another formation that does not bend to partisan interests and works to defend their interests ”, Rosety highlighted.

Thus, in the Proposition No of Law presented by the VOX deputies on October 23, the government of Spain is urged to urgently undertake concrete measures such as the electrification of the railway section between the municipalities of Algeciras and Bobadilla, the improvement of the layout for freight traffic, the elimination of level crossings, the modernization of signaling and other security measures, as well as the renewal of the fleet of trains that provide service in this section.

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