Vox Ceuta wants to clarify what happens with the "inconsistencies" in the data of those affected by Covid-19 in the autonomous city to which the director of the Center for Emergencies and Health Alerts, Fernando Simón, referred last Sunday, May 3. For this reason, and due to the lack of transparency of Ingesa, through the national deputy of Vox for Ceuta, Teresa López, a battery of questions addressed to the Government has been registered.

López explains how Simón himself said that as of May 3, he had registered 101 positive cases of Covid-19 in Ceuta, but that 141 were cured. That same day, Ingesa reported that there were 152 positives, of which 101 had been detected by PCR tests and another 51 through rapid antibody tests. It also noted that of the 152 cases that have been known since the start of the pandemic and 142 were already cured.

These "errors", according to the director of the Emergency Center, had been detected in several communities, but data continues to be offered "so as not to hide information, leading to some inconsistencies like this that are difficult to explain." Serious events for Vox Ceuta before which the party directly asks the Pedro Sánchez government "what assessment does it make about the inconsistency shown in the data of infected and cured in the autonomous city".

López, in addition, urges the Executive to pronounce on what he thinks that the Ceutas "do not know exactly the scope of the Covid-19 in the city because Ingesa has been offering some data for days and the Government is now giving others." He also asks in which other communities the same occurs and, finally, questions how the Executive can assure that the data is a reflection of reality if in a city with 84,000 inhabitants "the number of infected people is really unknown due to the lack of evidence" .

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