The Municipal Group of VOX in Ogíjares has urged the government team of the City Council to investigate the employment situation of the assistants of the Home Care Service (SAD), who take care of one of the most precious assets for all Ogijareños, their elders, as well as providing help to the neighbors who need us most: those who have mobility difficulties or suffer from disabling diseases.

«It is a priority that the Ogíjares City Council improve, as far as possible, the employment situation of these workers for the proper development of their profession, especially taking into account the current health context in which we find ourselves due to Covid-19 », Highlighted the municipal spokesperson for VOX, Libertad Padrones.

At VOX Ogíjares «we have collected the claims of a large group of SAD workers who denounce the violation of their labor rights and the obstruction of the conciliation between work and their family and personal life, as well as the lack of hygienic-sanitary material resources and security measures to avoid contagion by COVID19 in the development of their work, or the protection of users and their families ".

Libertad Padrones explained that the provision of this service "is an instrument of municipal competence but is managed by a private company, so the responsibility for action is shared" and therefore we ask the government team to "be initiated by the Ogíjares City Council the appropriate measures to safeguard the public interest of this service at all times for the good of users and SAD workers.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX has stressed that "the provision of the Home Care Service continues to be municipally owned, even if management is transferred to a private company, so the government team must guarantee the service in the best conditions for their workers and avoid possible abuses in labor and human conditions in the provision of SAD.

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