The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, Jose Luis Aguirre, has crossed out "inadmissible big brother”The initiative of the Botanist of put surveillance cameras in all slaughterhouses of the Valencian Community, since this measure harms the small meat industry that already complies with all the regulations and the law in this regard, taking into account that animal welfare is key to the quality of the meat.

Aguirre has made these affirmations during the Agriculture Commission where he has expressed his refusal to support this Proposition No of Law, which has gone ahead with the votes of the left.

"There is a clear and precise regulation, which can be improved, but is clear. Slaughterhouses are already one of the most regulated and intervened activities. further, they come late because there is already a draft in this sense from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs to install video surveillance systems in slaughterhouses in Spain”.

The VOX deputy has asked if the Botanist will also demand the installation of surveillance cameras in all economic sectors. “Why in slaughterhouses and not in nursing homes, in the hospital operating rooms, in the colleges, in cars to control the drivers…? Are animals more important than people?”.

Aguirre has supported the PNL of the PP to support the Valencian citrus sector, but he has criticized the mismanagement that the Ministry of Agriculture is doing about this issue. Regarding the use of phytosanitary products in livestock routes that Compromís has proposed, VOX has voted against considering that the main problem of livestock routes It is not this, but its high index of agrarian intrusion and inability to access cattle due to the perimeter fence. Aguirre has asked Compromís if he has a program for the recovery, defense and efficient management of this huge cultural, ethnological and environmental heritage.

The VOX deputy has not supported the Citizens NLP that requested a modification of the structure of the Department of Agriculture because it is the responsibility of the president of the Generalitat. "There is an internal war between the current councilor, Compromís, and the members of the PSOE team, to which the regional secretary belongs. This does not benefit the agri-food sector. The only laws they have approved are Structures and l’Horta and there are no endowments for important issues such as agrarian structures, land abandonment, pest and disease control, research or fire prevention”.

Aguirre has asked "more investment for farmers and less subsidies for farmers ecocards”.

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