The VOX Municipal Group in the Guadalajara City Council has censored and, therefore, has voted against the municipal budgets of Guadalajara, approved this Friday in an extraordinary plenary session held electronically. As the training announced a few weeks ago, through its spokesperson, Antonio de Miguel, The VOX Group registered an amendment to the entirety of these budgets prepared by PSOE and Ciudadanos on understanding that the accounts presented “They do not correspond to the needs of the exceptional moment that we live in Guadalajara, they do not contemplate the necessary measures to try to alleviate the severity of the current crisis, they are inspired by the purest sectarianism, with a subsidiary and clientelistic economy, and they forget and they betray many people from Guatemala who have lost their income ”, as Antonio de Miguel himself recalled in his speech during the plenary session.

The ediles of the VOX Group, Antonio de Miguel and Javier Toquero, consider that in the municipal accounts for fiscal year 2021 "All possible budget items should have been eliminated and redirected to meet the needs of all the residents of Guadalajara affected by the pandemic." In fact, they have stressed that "aid to the people of Guadalajara, to families, businessmen or the self-employed should prevail." And for this, the VOX Group has insisted on "The reduction of political spending and political privileges, which these accounts still do not contemplate."

"They allocate significant funds to ideological agendas, self-promotion and waste"

VOX spokesperson Antonio de Miguel described the approved budgets as the “Of self-aggrandizement and waste, which spend a lot of money on advertising and institutional propaganda, and allocate significant funds to fulfill ideological agendas in the face of first-order needs of the people of Guatemala, who finance a civil war that stirs, provokes and rekindles a new battle and awakens hatreds already extinguished with this law of 'historical forgetfulness'.

The VOX Group also adds that the municipal accounts "They still do not create real employment and do not help to reactivate the economy of the city, forgetting effective fiscal measures to alleviate the effects of the health and economic crisis such as a reduction in taxes and bonuses for sectors of special vulnerability and sensitivity," explained De Miguel , who was resounding in pointing out that "many businesses and stores are closing down and this left-wing government in the city of Guadalajara, with the connivance of Ciudadanos, is turning its back on them."

The spokesperson for the VOX Group again made an impact in "the exemplary nature of the politicians with the people of Guatemala." For this reason, he invited all the councilors of the Corporation to “reduce salaries and spending in all allocations to Municipal Groups and consider a budget item for all those who suffer the effects of this crisis, in which also count the financing of the rapid massive diagnostic tests for the people of Guatemala or of all the masks ”.

"Unmask the sectarianism of Rojo and Ciudadanos"

On the other hand, the VOX spokesperson has defended the fact of omitting partial amendments “To unmask and show the way of acting of this government team, led by the socialist Alberto Rojo and his partners from Ciudadanos. We are suffering his sectarianism in this mandate before any amendment and any proposal that comes out of VOX, always rejected with excuses. Although Guadalajara and the people of Guatemala are demanding it and are asking for it more and more, at present VOX does not have the possibility of causing a real and substantial change in the policies of Alberto Rojo, the PSOE and Ciudadanos. They do not leave us, in a clear example of the sectarianism they practice ”.

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