Remind the Brotherhood that "as a political party that works for the benefit of the neighbors of Camas our participation in this type of action is not simply a right we have, but an obligation."

Camas, December 19, 2019. The coordinator of VOX in Camas, Fernando Nunez, has lamented the decision of the Brotherhood of Sorrows to decline their participation in the collective blood donation, scheduled for next December 24, for the participation and collaboration of VOX in this solidarity and altruitsa action “without any interest political and partisan ”.

Núñez, reminded the Sacramental Brotherhood that “in this type of solidarity and altruistic actions, political acronyms should not be an obstacle to achieve the objectives pursued, which are none other than to save lives and improve the health of the sick they depend on something as vital as a blood transfusion. ”

“We cannot understand that a Brotherhood, which has been collaborating in this collective blood donation for years, has decided not to collaborate this year due to the presence of VOX in this action. The Governing Board will have to explain very well this decision that baffles us, because they put political considerations ahead of something as important as blood donation, especially on these dates when blood reserves decrease in a conscientious way. ”

The coordinator of VOX in Camas has wondered “if it is worthwhile for a Brotherhood like that of Dolores not to participate in blood donation because VOX also participates in it. To the Governing Board and its Big Brother, I say that the participation of this political formation is only aimed at promoting the massive participation of the cameros in this solidary action and that an event of these characteristics does not have any type of political connotation . We are cameros and we are with everything that is beneficial for our people and for our neighbors. Here there is nothing political except the attitude of the Brotherhood in this matter. ”

“We want to address the Brotherhood of Sorrows to remind them that a political formation, whatever it may be, is a human collective that is constituted to work for the benefit of citizens; we are public interest entities created to promote the participation of citizens in democratic life and, as such, we not only have the right to participate in these types of events, but it is even our obligation ”, he concluded.

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