The parliamentary group Vox has registered this morning the amendment to the entire project of the General Budgets of Cantabria for 2021 as well as the draft Law of Fiscal and Administrative Measures, better known as the “Accompaniment Law”, because “does not serve the interests of Cantabria" Y “They forget about the Spain that gets up early, about the people who are suffering the most from this economic crisis”.

The VOX spokesperson in the regional chamber, Cristóbal Palacio, has denounced that the accounts planned for 2021 do not include aid to revitalize the economy and measures that provide "vital" support to the unemployed, small businessmen, and to "The people who are having a really bad time as a result of the crisis”.

For the VOX spokesperson, what is really urgent is “that all the priority of this year's budgets is directed to shoveling the consequences of the economic crisis and investing to recover it”, Eliminating superfluous expenses. Palacio has denounced that these budgets are forgotten "of the Spain that gets up early”And those "Who are suffering the most from the economic crisis"And the only thing they worry about is"of the caste”. As stated, "the budgets are very good for this caste that governs us and very bad for the governed people, it is an absolute budget shame ".

From VOX they have denounced that in a period of absolute economic crisis "The trade union caste demands from the government a million euros under penalty of disturbing social peace", at his discretion "blackmail so as not to set the streets on fire”. He also recalled that only 4% of the 3.6 million in the chapter on Promotion of Equal Opportunities between Women and Men, the Revilla government with its socialist partner dedicates a global amount of € 3,493,880, but of that amount so only € 140,000, 4%, will be aid to victims of gender violence.

Palacio has defended that VOX proposes redirecting the budget, to "Not maintaining the beach bars from which the social-regionalist caste lives." As explained, the executive has renamed a series of items to call them COVID, keeping exactly the same as the budget "That we had when we thought we were rich" and not focused on the moment "Where we are, in impoverishment".

The Vox spokesperson believes that it will generate the opposite effect to the project, "It will not generate economic activation" and that is why they have submitted an amendment to the whole, "Because the philosophy behind this budget is wrong."

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