VOX Cartagena will present a motion at the next Municipal Plenary (November 26) in which it shows its resounding rejection of the location chosen for the illegal center located in the parking lot of the Muelle del Carbón in Cartagena, near Navantia and a few meters from a road where it is common to see cyclists, walkers and families walking every day (access road to the Christmas Lighthouse).

"We are aware that it is not a temporary maneuver since the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, has had enough time to enable the old warehouses of the Pier for this use, which they say will be the definitive one," he commented. the councilor of GM VOX Cartagena, Pilar García.
VOX Cartagena, through its mayor, proposes to move this location to the old Peñarroya factory (very close to the Curra dock) with excellent access, a hospital center and proximity to local police and fire departments.

Pilar García has communicated that the people of Cartagena “continue to suffer mismanagement by the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias and throughout the Region by Vélez, which is more focused on seeking political profit than on solving the serious problem of illegal invasion that we have suffered for months, thanks to its call effect ”.

Finally, the mayor justifies this rejection by highlighting the true culprit: "At VOX we cannot allow this irresponsible migratory invasion to remain in the hands of the same people who have caused it: the naval blockade and immediate deportation proposed by our party must be the measures adopted as a matter of urgency ”.

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