Only one candidate got enough guarantees to stand for the internal elections of the party, so the Electoral Committee has decided to proclaim as elected that only candidate led by Santiago Abascal Conde.

The official proclamation will be held on Saturday at the Ordinary General Assembly as stated in item 5 of the agenda of the said assembly.

Castellón will be widely represented in Madrid as a large delegation headed by the Provincial President, Llanos Massó, travels to the capital of Spain.

Massó will attend the assembly the rest of the members of the Provincial Executive Committee, the councilors of the province and the four vice-secretaries.

On Sunday, a public event is held, “Vistalegre III La Alternativa”, and the occupants of a bus that the party has chartered will be added to the Castellón delegation so that those affiliates and sympathizers who wish to attend the Palace of Vistalegre.

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