Next Sunday, December 6, Spanish Constitution Day, VOX Cantabria will hold an act in defense of constitutional legitimacy in front of the Santander City Council at 12 noon.

The President of VOX in Cantabria, Ricardo Garrudo, and the Deputy of the formation, Emilio del Valle, will take part in this act, who will be in charge of reading the manifesto in favor of the foundation of the Constitution, which is, the indissoluble unity of the nation. Spanish.

For Ricardo Garrudo we find ourselves in a “historical” moment, in which a “social-communist government allied with separatism and the heirs of terrorism” converge, who are the “enemies of Spain”. Along with this, a pandemic situation that has brought a "social and health emergency" to the Spanish.

VOX asks that next Sunday the 6th be vindicated "the serious risks suffered by the constitutional order, in the face of the silence and complicity of the government before those who hate the nation and democracy."

At these events, which will be held by VOX throughout Spain, a manifesto and a series of articles of the Constitution will be read threatened by the Government of Pedro Sánchez, Pablo Iglesias and Arnaldo Otegi.

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