The Vox Group at the Santander City Council has celebrated that "Our beaches have recovered by natural causes the impressive appearance that they lost this summer, when they most needed to have it, due to the abandonment and contempt of the PSOE towards Santander".

This has been pointed out by the councilor for training, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, adding that "The September storms have been in charge of doing the work that both Costas and the Government Delegation refused to do during the summer season for purely political interests."

Last July, the Plenary of the City Council requested the maintenance of the state of the sandy areas and from Vox we publicly demonstrated before the Government Delegation "to demand the dismissal" of the head of the Demarcation of Coasts in Cantabria, José Antonio Osorio, and the Government delegate, Ainoa Quiñones due to his "disastrous management on our beaches."

The mayor remembers that "Such is the contempt" of the Government Delegation, which came to sanction the City Council for meddling in its functions "By trying to clean up the sand in an attempt to keep them looking good this summer with neighbors and visitors."

On the other hand, Pérez-Cosío recalled that "There is a repair project for the Chiqui breakwaters that has remained in oblivion in the Coastal Demarcation for years and that would give stability to the sandbanks by counteracting the displacement that currently occurs as a result of strong tides."

“We are not at all surprised by the war and the neglect of the PSOE towards Santander both with our beaches and the problem of illegal immigration to which they refused to solve and until the ferry routes were lost in favor of Bilbao, they did not react, being already too late ”, it is finished.

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