This weekend VOX is holding an inter-parliamentary meeting with members from Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla that will take place this Friday and Saturday in two venues: Algeciras and the autonomous city. This is a meeting whose objective is to delve into the synergies of the three territories in order to contribute to the economic recovery increased by the Covid-19 pandemic, but that both autonomous cities were already living because of the suffocation of the border that is carrying out Morocco. In addition, formulas will be sought to improve communications and collaboration in other areas such as tourism.

On behalf of VOX Ceuta, the president of the formation, Juan Sergio Redondo, will participate, as well as the national deputy, Teresa López, the senator, Yolanda Merelo, and the deputies Carlos Verdejo, Francisco Ruiz and Ana Belén Cifuentes. In addition, the president of VOX Melilla, José Miguel Tasende, will attend, and on behalf of VOX Andalusia, the parliamentary coordinator, Iván Vélez, the spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group in the Andalusian parliament, Alejandro Hernández, and the national deputy of VOX for Cádiz, Carlos will attend. Zambrano.

The First Andalusia-Ceuta-Melilla Inter-Parliamentary Committee will start at the Gibraltar gate and then move to the autonomous city. A meeting will be held early on Saturday and after it the participants will visit the border fence. And, one of the issues that will be addressed is a common problem on both sides of the Strait such as immigration.

"We want to strengthen the agreements that already exist between Ceuta and Andalusia at the institutional level and we believe that VOX, as an important part in the support of the Government in Andalusia, can help them to develop", emphasizes Redondo, who trusts that this meeting will serve to promote the economic development of Ceuta and advance relations between both autonomies.

In addition, in the line that the party has been defending of an economy based on "more Spain, more Europe", Redondo recalls that "this means looking to the other shore and deepening the economic relations that allow the development so necessary for Ceuta, especially now that we are facing the closing of the border ”. For this, it will address how to contribute to tourism development, collaboration between ports and in fisheries matters.

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