The provincial deputy of VOX, Cristina Jiménez, has expressed her opposition to the decision of the Government of the Diputación de Granada through which the institution led by José Entrena will distribute the extraordinary funds to local entities with a criterion that discriminates and forgets the municipalities medians of the Province.

Given the economic difficulties that municipalities are experiencing in order to maintain sanitary security measures as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic, an extraordinary fund of two million euros has been established to mitigate these economic efforts. However, the criteria for distributing these subsidies among the municipalities of the Province by the Provincial Council is being the object of all kinds of criticism, since, despite the fact that the disease has been affected very differently between the different localities, only It has followed a distribution criterion by population.

Based on this distribution, there are severe disparities in terms of the investment that the inhabitants of each municipality will receive: thus, many municipalities with between 100 and 500 inhabitants receive an investment of more than 50 euros per inhabitant; on the contrary, in municipalities such as Albolote, Alhendín, Monachil, Ogíjares, Otura, Pinos Puente, Santa Fe, Vegas del Genil or La Zubia, the investment per inhabitant will only be between one and two euros.

In the opinion of the VOX provincial deputy, this distribution does not meet the real needs of the municipalities of Granada to face the pandemic: “the Government of the Provincial Council has made a vague distribution, without making an effort to address the problems that Covid- 19 in the populations, and dispatching the matter based on a population criterion, which all it does is punish a multitude of medium-sized populations, especially from the belt ”.

Cristina Jiménez has pointed out that the adoption of this criterion is not only a contradiction, but it would even break with the very rule that enables exceptionality to grant direct subsidies to municipalities. "The Provincial Council can grant direct subsidies to municipalities only in exceptional situations, something that would be fulfilled in the current pandemic circumstances, but which does not conform to the meaning of the norm if the distribution is not done according to the fact that motivates the exceptionality : if the cause is a disease, common sense would provide that the Provincial Council should adhere to a criterion to serve the populations most affected by it or to any other criterion that takes it into consideration, and not only to a population criterion that does not addresses the reality of the damage that Covid-19 is causing. But we already know that, wherever the socialists rule, common sense is something that is not usually applied ”.

Finally, the spokesperson for VOX in the Provincial Council stated that “the Socialist Party has finally sought to reward small municipalities where they have more presence, but with this they have completely turned their back on the municipalities of the belt. It is logical that, under normal conditions, parameters are applied that benefit the smallest municipalities, because they are the ones that suffer the most from the punishment of depopulation; However, for the problem we are now facing, criteria should have been applied to serve the populations that suffer is the punishment of the pandemic, and that is the case of many towns in the belt. However, it seems that the Socialist Party does not forgive that in the vast majority of these municipalities VOX is the second political force and that the polls indicate that it is already competing for the first position, and as a consequence they have decided to punish them in this way " .

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