VOX Ceuta will request the City Government to attend and provide free of charge to all nursing homes the necessary equipment (masks, gels, PPE …) to protect both workers and residents against Covid-19, as well as antigen tests for that they have the adequate means for prevention and immediate intervention in the event of detecting a positive or outbreak in their facilities. In addition, the party demands that an intermediate center be enabled to isolate positives if there is a case of Covid-19 in residences, because the spread would be "inevitable" otherwise.

For VOX, "it is essential and a duty of public institutions to ensure the care, attention and health of all our elderly, who are the most vulnerable to the critical situation that we are going through in this phase of the pandemic." But the reality is that city residences are having difficulties accessing masks and especially antigen tests among other means, and this is underlined by the training.

VOX, from the beginning of this health crisis, has been demanding both nationally and locally that “special attention and care be paid to our nursing homes, the main ones affected by the manifest negligence shown in this matter by the social-communist government of Sánchez and Iglesias ”.

For this reason, and upon detecting that our residences "do not yet have all the necessary resources to face this health crisis for free", VOX Ceuta is going to make a "special effort" to have all the technical and health resources available "To achieve full protection of the elderly who are in these residences."

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