Arson, ambushes and stoning. This is what the members of the Fire Fighting and Rescue Service (SEIS) find practically daily. For this reason, VOX Ceuta will question the Executive in the next control plenary session if a solution is being studied to avoid ambushes and stoning that firefighters constantly suffer.

“This is a problem that we have dragged on for many years, in which intentional fires are constant, endangering the physical integrity of those who come to put out the fire, of those who come with the SEIS to escort them in case of being ambushed, as well as well as people who live in nearby areas, ”laments VOX Ceuta. In addition, the training emphasizes that especially in this month of August, there have been many cases of arson in which, in addition, the SEIS has needed the help of the Local and National Police to go to the place of the fire and carry out its work. . The last example has been this Saturday.

Given this situation, VOX asks if the firefighters will always have to go accompanied by the Police to put out fires as they occur in certain areas of Ceuta. In addition, it asks what measures will be taken against those who participate in the ambushes, if the Local Police consider these as terrorist acts. Finally, the party asks to know how many members of the SEIS are working in the different shifts, to avoid the big fires that usually occur at this time of year.

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