Vox Ceuta insists that, in the face of the crisis opened by the cessation of most of the economic activity to stop the Covid-19 pandemic, it is time to adopt measures that protect the most vulnerable sectors of society, such as pensioners . To this end, work is being carried out to carry out proposals such as the one registered this week by the Vox Parliamentary Group in Congress to reduce from 30% to 10% the pharmaceutical copayment of pensioners framed in the Mutuality of Civil State Officials and in Social Institute of the Armed Forces. This measure, previously defended by the formation, has been registered as a Proposition of Law for debate in the Lower House when parliamentary activity resumes.

The initiative seeks to modify the Medicine Law to eliminate the gap that currently exists between Social Security pensioners, for whom a contribution of 10% of the price of the medicine to be purchased is established, and pensioners from MUFACE or the Armed Forces, whose contribution level is set at 30% in general. "This supposes a differentiated treatment to the same group and, therefore, an inequality in access to the National Health System", defends the training.

However, warns Vox, pensioners from MUFACE or ISFAS “deserve equal treatment to that of the same group of the General Social Security Regime, as they are people who have seen their economic capacity reduced due to different factual assumptions such as retirement or retirement, orphanhood or widowhood ”. For this reason, the training recalls that "the public powers are in charge of guaranteeing that access to the constitutional right to health protection is in conditions of effective equality for all citizens" and will defend this proposed law to modify the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2015, of July 24, which approves the revised text of the Law on guarantees and rational use of medicines and health products.

The main change that is sought is to establish a copayment percentage of 10% for people who hold the status of insured as pensioners of Social Security, the Mutual Society of Civil Officials of the State or the Social Institute of the Armed Forces and their beneficiaries .

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