VOX, just as it has done in government delegations throughout the country, has requested authorization from Ceuta so that citizens can demonstrate on the street on May 23. A concentration that will be developed guaranteeing the safety and health conditions of the participants, through their vehicles, and to which all the Ceuta are called.

The training is currently outlining the route of a march that will run through the city center and with which it wants to give voice to citizens who protest "the lack of information, the chaos, the lack of government planning Pedro Sánchez and the confinement that does not yet know when it will end. "

The demonstration will also serve to materialize in the streets the criticisms of the management that the government delegate in Ceuta, Salvadora Mateos, has made of the crisis by Covid-19 and that the party has denounced since the start of the State of Alarm. From the authorization of the passage of caravans, despite the fact that the border and the port were closed, to the omission of their responsibility with immigrants that the Autonomous City has had to host, they show for Vox Ceuta the “inability to make decisions” of Kill us. A complaint that, on May 23, the party will take to the streets.

"We trust that the Government of the nation remembers that there is a Constitution that establishes the right to demonstrate and assemble and cannot be violated through the state of alarm," said VOX spokesman Jorge Buxadé on Monday, adding: " If they do not admit the demonstration, it will be proof that the government is abusively using the state of alarm to impose a hidden state of emergency.

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