The Sánchez government continues to advocate absurd, political and totalitarian measures that lead Spaniards to misery and ruin. Faced with this, the Spanish will take to the streets this Monday and the Ceuta will not be left behind. For this, VOX Ceuta summons them, next day 12, at 12.00, at the gates of the health center of the Campus for a protest caravan against the management of the Executive of PSOE and Podemos of the pandemic.

Santiago Abascal assured this Thursday that if Sánchez decreed "a state of illegal alarm" again, the Spaniards would take to the streets to protest against the Executive, "more concerned with imposing their political agenda than with the social and economic well-being of the Spanish" . And so it will be.

“If the tyrant Sánchez returns to decree an illegal state of alarm, we will convene on Monday 12-O, in all cities and towns, a new caravan for freedom, against death and the ruin that Sánchez brings. They are a mafia and the Spanish are not going to let themselves be imprisoned again ”, he published on his Twitter profile. The objective is to emulate the caravans of freedom that, months ago, filled every corner of Spain and that in Ceuta served to move an energetic protest against the policies adopted by the Government Delegation in the city. “The Spanish people have already stopped a coup by taking to the streets. He will do it again if necessary, Abascal has sentenced.

This Friday, before the immovable predisposition of the Government, the leader of VOX has announced that the Spaniards will again take to the streets to protest against "the arbitrariness and incompetent management of Sánchez." "On the street! This government is killing us with its incompetence against the virus and is ruining us with its totalitarian and absurd measures. On Monday let's force the gangsters to resign. By car and with the flag of freedom, that of Spain ”, said Abascal.

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