This Sunday, December 6, VOX Ceuta will hold an act in defense of constitutional legality in front of the Government Delegation. Now that the freedoms of citizens, guaranteed by the Magna Carta, are threatened by the Government of Sánchez, Iglesias and Otegi, VOX knows that it is time to take to the streets to “show that there is a majority of Spaniards who love their homeland and they are ready to defend it ”. All of them will be given a voice this Sunday with the reading of a manifesto as well as several of the articles of the Constitution that are threatened, such as the principle of equality, education or freedom and security.

The event will take place in the Plaza de Los Reyes, at 12 noon, and for security reasons the capacity will be limited to ensure that the distances marked by the health authorities are respected. With this call, it will commemorate "the sovereign decision of the Spanish people to give continuity to our history and take the parliamentary monarchy as a guarantee of unity, coexistence and prosperity." And, VOX warns, "today all these pillars are threatened by a traitorous government that, supported by separatists and terrorists, intends to end our constitutional system to replace it with a new regime."

A new regime that, says VOX, "wants to oppress the Spanish through totalitarian laws that threaten the deep freedoms of man and that seek to lead our children to be educated according to the unique thought of the radical left." Therefore, the party will take to the streets this Sunday in all Spanish cities, and Ceuta will join this initiative with the concentration of the Plaza de Los Reyes in front of the Government Delegation, to say no to a regime "that has punished to the middle classes and condemned to ruin millions of families ”.

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